Mar 22, 2009

Blog, Pink and be Mary

What a great name for her blog, don't you think?

The play on words is first-class for sure.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the biblical reference to "Eat, Drink, and be merry," and the substitutions of "Blog" and "Pink" were excellent choices which accurately explained (1) this is a blog,dummies; and (2) pink is her favorite color. Also, any fans of Dave Matthews (before or after he became mainstream), will easily recognize the blog's subtal reference to the chorus from Tripping Billies.

Finally, if that weren't enough, good ol' Maryface, decides to substitute merry with a homophone that just happens to be her name. Clever.

If you got a check in the mail today (yes, on Sunday) for $1000 that had to be spent by midnight tonight, what would you buy?

Mar 20, 2009

Day Seven - BufBloPoFo

My roommate and I keep a running tab of credit going between the two of us. Everything is split 50/50, but there's no pattern to who pays for what up front. This results in credits, and debts between the two of us. And even though we always even up relatively quickly, I love being on the credit side a.k.a., Jon owes ME money. There's no better feeling than going out to dinner and having him pay for it. It's almost like a little mini-dtate. For some reason the food just tastes better. I know that in reality, the food isn't free, since I already paid more than my fair share on a previous purchase which created the credit, but it still feels like I'm getting a hell of a deal.

Trust me. Steaks taste better when someone else pays for them. Don't believe me? Just ask your nearest female.

Mar 19, 2009

Day Six - BufBloPoFo

Forget the suspense. Mine was my dorm room in Durham, North Carolina. It wasn't really a "home away from home." It was more like being at camp. You had bunks, and you could even put them on the ground so it looked like two normal beds. Because when people came over, they knew that this was your place, and those were real grown-up beds, and not just cots at some day camp. We were in the big leagues now.

Turns out our "big league" could have used some performance inhancing drugs.

1) We didn't have running water, which meant everytime you wanted to cook some ramen noodles in your microwave (the pot of water boiler was currently cooking your roomie's big feast), you had to walk your lazy ass down to the bathroom and get it from the sink. The bathrooms weren't co-ed, but that didn't stop the wrestler who lived down the hall from stinking up the joint. Just the place I want to be when fetching my sink water.

2) Roommates and why using multi-purpose rooms suck. It's not your fault. You're reasonable. In fact, so is he. Two people simply cannot share a multipurpose room. The dorm room is supposed to be used for many, many things. And when you're trying to use one that requires silence, there's simply no room for any activity requiring sound. Be it a quick game of Power Hour, or a full blown kegger (which is more fun than any of us will admit), any noise breaks the silence, and that purpose of the room is temporarily, shall we say, destroyed.

And if that doesn't suck enough, it's worse when it's you who is making all the noise. School's hard. Study is like torture. You finally get a chance to be away from the all-knowing parents, and do what you want to do (which, yes, sorry ladies, does involve getting laid) and now your super cool roommie is ruining it???? You should feel bad, but all you can feel is resentment.

Of course, living with that exact same roommate, in say....a two bedroom apartment wouldn't be plauged by this problem. The disease is roommate-itis. This is highly scientific stuff here. The cure? Two bedroom apartments. Spread the word. Remember the best part about saving a roomate-lationship is that when you do it, you're saving two for the price of one ;)

So, that was pretty much it.

Mar 18, 2009

Day Five - BufBloPoFo

If you're reading this, congratulations. You took my cherry. My very first blog post ever!

If there are comments below, well sorry, I'm damaged goods.

To answer the question:

Me: Hulk Hogan, as in Rocky III

Garvey: The Michael Jackson version of Ronald McDonald (just google "ronald mcdonald" in images).

On second thought, I'm going to disable comments. Let's let every one feel like a winner.